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Tummy Tuck:

“I chose Dr. Evangelisti because of his reputation in our community and his impeccable credentials. When I decided to have my tummy tuck, I was at the point of frustration. My pants and jeans just did not fit comfortably. They were pinching my waistline and causing painful pressure. I am so happy with my results and my scar is not even noticeable. I would recommend him to anyone interested in surgery.” – C.E.

Thigh Contouring:

“After exercising year after year, my thighs had certain areas that never seemed to go away. I decided to book a consultation with Dr. Evangelisti and I am so grateful that I chose to do so. From the moment I first stepped into his office, I was treated as their number one priority. My results are unbelievable!” – W.A.

Multiple Procedures:

“As a surgical nurse, I work with many surgeons. I have been a patient of Dr. Evangelisti’s for over 10 years and have had various procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, and a tummy tuck. I continue to go to him because of the excellent results that are achieved and for his high level of professionalism that he provides. He is honest and cares about his patients. I have referred him to many others and will continue to do so.” – D.I.

Breast Augmentation:

“I was 18 when I realized I wasn’t going to be any larger than a 34AA. I was very self-conscious of my body. Three weeks after my initial consultation with Dr. Evangelisti, my surgery was scheduled. I went from and A to a C and love the results. I would recommend him to anyone.” – L.R.


“At first I was skeptical about having a facelift, but after meeting with Dr. Evangelisti I was confident that I had found the right surgeon and my results are indicative of that. He provided me with the more youthful look that I was searching for without it being obvious that I had had surgery. He has perfected his skill and his abundance of talent shows through his work.” – J.A.

Breast Reconstruction:

“After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I was somewhat ambivalent to go through surgery. Dr. Evangelisti and his staff made me feel very comfortable. His staff was always there to listen and he was always there to explain each step of the process of my reconstructive surgery. Dr. Evangelisti has provided me with a renewed sense of self and has shown me that there are doctors out there that truly care about their patients.” – L.F.

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    With a long winter behind us and Spring hopefully soon to appear, it is a breath of fresh air to receive such gracious feedback from my patients. I continue to appreciate their sincere words and heartfelt gratitude. ~~ Thank you for a fantastic job and thanks to your wonderful staff for all their support and […]

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