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Dr. Stephen Evangelisti

Dr. Stephen M. Evangelisti

Plastic surgery is a blend of art and science that gives natural results with an aesthetic touch.

Every person is a unique individual with very personal desires for appearance and very important needs for privacy, comfort and guidance.


Words of Thanks


With a long winter behind us and Spring hopefully soon to appear, it is a breath of fresh air to receive such gracious feedback from my patients. I continue to appreciate their sincere words and heartfelt gratitude. ~~ Thank you for a fantastic job and thanks to your wonderful staff for all their support and […]

Patient Testimonials


As always, it is a pleasure to hear from my elated patients. Their kind words are always welcomed! –Thank you so much! Your caring, patience, and amazing skill made a wish and hope of repair come true. N.A. –After I mention my eyelift, they all have mentioned something was different and were impressed with your […]