Facial aesthetic surgery can refine and restore a more youthful contour to the face, unveiling your own individual beauty.

Facial Fat Transfer

Volume loss in the face has become increasingly recognized as the most important component of the aging process. Facial fat grafting can restore lost volume permanently in the temples, infraorbital rim, zygomatic arch, infrazygomatic hollow, tear trough, nasojugal groove, prejowl jaw line, angle of the jaw, nasolabial folds, upper and lower lips. Because aging of the remaining facial fat continues, patients often choose to re-do the procedure a second time between year 3 and 5 to achieve the full benefits of the procedure.

"My facial procedure was very well done with extremely natural looking results. Dr. Evangelisti is an expert at cosmetic surgery." F.T.


As each person is unique, every surgery must be customized to the individual patient to address and improve the areas of the face that reveal signs of aging according to the patient’s wishes. As we age, facial movement results in deepened creases. Fullness diminishes and a flat, creased, drawn appearance can result. Through careful rearrangement of the soft tissues, the signs of aging can be diminished. Dr. Evangelisti can restore a very natural contour in the mid face, tighten the jaw one by reducing the jowls, and sharpen the cervicomental angle by recontouring the neck.

"Thank you so much for the beautiful work you have done on my face! I did not think I could look this good. You are so skilled and artistic in what you did for my neck at the time of my facelift." K.P.

Neck lift

Is a more limited procedure than the facelift. We know the appearance of a tight and tall neck contributes to youthfulness and facial harmony. Many patients do not feel they are ready for a facelift. Specialized techniques can soften severe features of the neck, define lost angles, and reveal a graceful and youthful silhouette without the stigmata of preauricular scars.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

An endoscopic brow lift can rejuvenate the eyes and brow. This procedure elevates and brightens the expression to restore the youthful harmonies of the face. Patients often see a transformation from an angry or concerned look to a pleasant or accepting countenance.


Limited procedure to elevate the arch of the lateral brow without the full trauma of an endoscopic brow lift. Incisions are placed in the scalp and are out of the line of sight.


The eyes are expressive and an individual can have a tired, sad, or unhealthy appearance as the result of aging. A blepharoplasty can rejuvenate the eyelids, resulting in a bright and livelier appearance. Surgery removes excess skin and fat and in some cases can improve the health of the eye as well.


The nose is a very complex, focal feature of facial harmony. When the nose is not in proportion with the rest of the face, it often becomes the focus of judgement. Nasal surgery can be performed to redefine the profile and shape of the nose. Other aspects of health such as passage of air through nasal airways, sinusitis, and snoring can be addressed at the same time as the aesthetic improvement.


A set of commonly performed procedures aimed at improving prominent or cupped ears to look more average. Usually there is a family trait where the normal folds of the ear are underdeveloped. Through posterior incisions in the back crease of the ear, these folds are re-established.

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