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Skin Cancer: Hearing a diagnosis of “cancer” is very difficult to accept. Dr. Evangelisti will guide you through understanding that treating your skin cancer may result in scars or disfigurement. He understands the concerns that go along with the treatment of skin cancer and will explain the resulting effect on your health and appearance.

Hand: If your hand function is impaired in any way, it is likely surgery may improve your condition. Hand surgery requires specialized training. Surgery seeks to restore, to near normal, the function of fingers and hand injured by trauma or to correct abnormalities. Trauma, repetitive injury, and degenerative changes of the joint will lead to pain and disability in almost anyone at some point.

Commonly treated conditions include:
1) Carpal tunnel syndrome
2) Dupuytren’s contracture
3) Trigger Ganglion
4) Traumatic injury
5) Nerves and Tendons
6) Fractures
7) Degenerative Changes of the Joints

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    With a long winter behind us and Spring hopefully soon to appear, it is a breath of fresh air to receive such gracious feedback from my patients. I continue to appreciate their sincere words and heartfelt gratitude.
    ~~ Thank you for a fantastic job and thanks to your wonderful staff for all their support and encouragement, [...]

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