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Women's Breasts

Breast Enhancement

Augmentation: When a woman feels that her breasts are too small or have diminished in size after having children, breast augmentation may provide the improvement she seeks. Through breast enhancement a woman can achieve a full, natural bust line that compliments her body.

Uplift: With the natural effects of childbirth or aging, a woman’s breasts may lose their youthful, perky appearance. This drooping and sagging can be reversed with a mastopexy, which removes the excess skin and reconstructs the supporting structures of the breast. The firmness, curves, and projection of the breast are restored.
Depending on your goals, your anatomy, and your proportions, a breast implant may be recommended or desired in addition to reshaping the breast tissue.

Reducing Shape and Size

Often the embarrassment of overly large breasts, as well as back, neck, and shoulder pain, lead a woman to desire smaller breasts. With a breast reduction, a woman’s breasts are reduced and reshaped to create a harmony between her body and breasts.

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