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Facial Harmony

Facial Harmony

Facial aesthetics can refine heredity and restore youthful vigor. Unveiling your own individual beauty hidden in the contours of your face allows your inner beauty to shine through.

Eyes & Brow

The eyes are expressive and an individual can have a tired, sad, or angry appearance as the result of aging. A blepharoplasty (eyelid rejuvenation) can rejuvenate the eyelids making them brighter and livelier. An endoscopic brow lift can rejuvenate the eyes and brow. This procedure removes excess fat and skin to restore the youthful harmonies of the face.


The nose is a very complex, focal feature to facial harmony. When the nose is not in harmony with the rest of the face, a nasal refinement can be performed to redefine the profile and shape of the nose. Often other aspects, such as breathing, can be improved upon as well, leading to functional and aesthetic improvement.


As each person is unique, every surgery must be customized to the individual patient in order to address and improve the areas of the face that reveal the signs of aging. As we age-facial movement results in deepened creases. Fullness diminishes and a flat, creased, drawn appearance can result. Through careful evaluation of your aging features, Dr. Evangelisti can produce a very natural restoration of the mid-face, eliminate jowls, and sharpen the neck and jaw line.


The appearance of the neck contributes to youthfulness and facial harmony. Specialized techniques can soften severe features, define lost angles, and reveal a graceful and youthful silhouette.


Restoration of youthful lips is accomplished through hylaronic acid injections, fat grafting, and flap advancement for an entirely natural and aesthetic goal.

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